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Finding the right services is a lot easier with advice and patient guidance from experts. The Family Connect team will help steer you to our Network’s many offerings and refer you to other resources when appropriate.


The Brooklyn Early Childhood Direction Center (ECDC) provides information and referral services to families and young children who have suspected or diagnosed developmental delays or disabilities. Children referred must reside in Brooklyn and be five years of age or younger. The Brooklyn ECDC is one of 14 direction centers in New York State funded by the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

We assist hundreds of families, children and professionals each year through a variety of offerings. These include linking children and families to available services, supports and programs in New York City, referrals to agencies and professionals providing services to young children and their families, referrals to the New York City Early Intervention Program (EI), and assistance with referrals to the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). We remain in contact and follow up with families until their child reaches age five. Workshops and resources for families and professionals are provided.

Take a look at our Spring 2017 Workshops for Early Childcare Professionals

ECDC at ADAPT is located at our 160 Lawrence Avenue location in Brooklyn
(718) 437-3794
Fax: (718) 907-3195
Hours: Monday- Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
*The ECDC is barrier free and bilingual Spanish staff is available*

160 Lawrence Avenue, Brooklyn, NY - Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016


This provides critical financial support to eligible family members for everything from uninsured medical supplies to a computer, summer camp fees to adaptive equipment.

Our Family Reimbursement program assists families with needs that often make all the difference in caring for a family member with a disability at home. A committee comprised of parents reviews applications and makes recommendations, based on a set of guidelines, for subsidies of up to $500 per family. We administer the program and implement the committee’s recommendations.

Our Family Reimbursement program provides critical support to eligible families. Items traditionally not covered by Medicaid but funded through family reimbursement often include: specialized clothing, uninsured medical supplies, adapted equipment, summer camp tuition, respite care, children’s furniture, nutritional items and care supplies.


The Housing Assistance Program provides a variety of services to eligible individuals and their families throughout New York City.

Services include housing and accessibility rights education, landlord/tenant negotiations, code enforcement advocacy, help in expediting public housing applications, transfers, referral to legal services, evaluations for adaptive equipment and home modifications.


Simple home alterations can be life changing, helping individuals adapt to their home environment.

By widening doors and installing special switches, handrails and grab bars, individuals with limited mobility can move about more freely, access every room, and operate lights and equipment with ease. Installation of ramps and lifts provide increased access to the world outside the home. These types of modifications help people stay in their homes rather than a nursing home or institutionalized settings, while also increasing independence and mobility.

In addition, our housing case management services assist families in navigating the complex housing systems in New York City.


Caregivers sometimes need a break. We can help with that.

We offer the only freestanding, wheelchair accessible overnight respite home in New York City, located in a park-like setting in the Bronx. We offer 24-hour supervision with nursing services to individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities.

In-home respite is also offered and customized to your particular needs. Access to Respite Services is obtained through the Front Door process (OPWDD).


Caring for a child with a disability presents a host of joys and challenges. It’s important for families to feel supported, informed and connected to one another.

ADAPT’s Family Connect offer free workshops, support services and educational resources for New York City parents and families of children with disabilities. Families are encouraged to learn, explore resources and participate in improving outcomes and supports for all children with disabilities.

Resources include:

  • Training workshops and forums on a variety of topics (available in English and Spanish)
  • Introductions to collaborative relationships in the community- liaisons between schools, resource libraries, demonstration centers and clinical programs
  • Up-to-date community resource information
  • Empowerment and advocacy
  • Confidential guidance

For more information about Family Connect contact (718) 436-7979 ext. 704