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Arshea is a young lady who currently lives with ADAPT Community Network and is delighted with her home and the people she lives with. Arshea and her twin sister Teshea attend the same outside day program and see each other daily, but something was missing for them and their sister Cynthia, who advocates on the twins’ behalf.  Tesha was living at a different agency’s IRA and they, in addition to their entire family, wished Tesha lived at ADAPT too.  They have three sisters, and one brother and are all very close.

When Teshea was admitted into a rehabilitation center in the Bronx, ADAPT had a residential opening at one of the Bronx IRAs, and we considered Teshea for that opportunity.

In May of 2019, Teshea joined ADAPT Community Network!  Though Teshea and Arshea don’t reside in the same home, they are both living in the Bronx in two of ADAPT’s beautiful apartments.  Cynthia believes that having one team for both sisters also alleviates her stress, and she feels confident with ADAPT and the residential team.

The residential team was dedicated and did a great job fulfilling the twins’ wishes. Both ladies are doing great.  Teshea loves her new home where she has her own room and new friends. The sisters are having the time of their lives and are looking forward to the many occasions they will share together and with the entire ADAPT family.

We welcome Teshea and are so very thrilled to have both sisters united at ADAPT Community Network, where we make dreams come true…one person at a time.