FDNY Gives Fire Safety Presentation to Staten Island Day Program

Categories: Agency News

The New York City Fire Department recently paid a special visit to our Staten Island Day Habilitation Program. There was no fire – but individuals who attend the day program wanted to learn more about fire safety. In addition to learning standard fire safety procedures, they had a chance to ask questions about what to do in a fire if you have a disability.

Q:  What if I’m physically unable to “stop, drop and roll” if I’m on fire?

A:  Have a staff member or family member do that for you, or wrap yourself, or get yourself wrapped tightly in a blanket to limit the oxygen to the fire.

Q:  What if I cannot get out during a fire?

A:  Stay put, scream “Fire” and also indicate where you are trapped

Q:  What if I’m using the bathroom during a fire?

A:  Get out immediately.  Worry about cleaning up later.  Life safety is most important.

Thank you to FDNY for the helpful presentation!